STA301 Final term Current Paper


 (Statistics and probability)

All objectives are from past paper. Go through them 3 to 4 times you will get good mark in objectives.

Subjects question of 2 marks are mostly theoratical and 50% from past paper.

qustion of 3 mark and 5 marks are also easy. 5 marks question were from 'confidence interval' topic and 3 marks question were from the f-distribution and t-test and z-test.


 Mera aj STA301 ka paper tha jo 30-45me se zyada aya tha or baki me se b aya tha lakin inmy se zyada aya tha or download section me jo zip file pri hai practice questions ki unmy se 3/4 mcqs aye thy so ap wo lazmi krlena hypergeomatric distribution Poisson distribution marignal distribution b aya tha difference btw completly randomized design or randomized complete block design b aya tha!

Best of luck

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