Mth202 Final Term Current Paper

Mth 202 Important Things

lecture no 25

*prepare Example And Basis* lecture no 27,28

*Find GCD important for objective* lecture no 29,30,31

*k-combination, k-selection, k-sample* Lecture no 33

*Tree Diagram* lecture no 34

*inclusion-Exclusion principle* lecture no 35

*Most important probabilities type Question* lecture no 40

*Euler Circuit (Most important)* Lecture no 42

*Isomorphic Graph* lecture no 45

*Kirchhoff's Theorem*


 MTH202 Current Paper 

Today paper mth 202 Buht esay tha

Quize thy past paper me ny aik file ki thi moaz ki us me sy 5 quize ay thy quize asan thy book me Jo remarks Dy hoty hy definition and formula

2 marks ky question thy Aik me fictorial btana tha

Secnd me transpose btna tha 

3 marks ky question

Methemetcal Induction ka yhan sy ly kar ye lambanaa question tha Simple graph aya tha three vertexes ka tha

5 marks ky question thy 2 aik btna tha even ko prove kro methods of proof waly lecture sy tha Aik last Wala graph thy wo b yad nh liken thy graph

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