Cs602 paper Final Term Past Paper

30/8/201 9:30

CS602 Mcq total 16

13 from mozz and wqar sidhu file

1. Curve digram ko explain krna tha

2. Ax+by+cz+d explain all variable in equation

3. In 32bit red green and blue color pixle ko explain krna tha

4. Opengl function of all properties of light

5. Forward and backword scattering explain krna tha long question

Mera aaj paper hua


Ik question aya tha what is the difference between dealer and broker?(3 marks) Or ik men inventory turnover or inventory period calculate krna tha(3 marks)

Ik question men market value asset ki calculate krni the uski book value purchase price or worth di v the profit/loss b calculate krna tha or tax rate diya wa tha wo b deduct krna tha(5 marks)

Ik question men cost of equity calculate krna tha and WACC (5 marks) Mcqs were mostly from middle lectures

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