CS201 Final Term Paper 30-08-2021

 Q1: difference between default and parameterized constructors. Q2: use three variable to expose the dec, hex, and oct.

Q3, write c++ programs with three variable salary, no. Of days and rate and salary account by the formula Salary= no.days*rate Take out of no of days with the daily rate of 1000 per day. Q4: write c++ program with 2 variable 1- calculate rows and columns 2- calculate transpose of matrix

Q5_ function of default function

Q6_ if you agree prototype of ordinary function and special function of a class are same. Justify with comment.

3 questions error find

2 questions output btane wale 2 programs

R 3 ese he short short question the Kn knse operator overload ni ho skte wo btayen Kese pta chlega k new function se memory allocate hue h ya ni

(5 matks)

Consider the following statement :

String *text;

Text = new String[5];

Now we want to delete this array, what happens when we use the following statement? Justify your answer with solid reasons.

Delete text;

Write code which overloads the function named abs1 for integer, double and character data types.

For example, if we pass an integer value to this function, a message should print on screen "using integer abs1", on passing a double type value, the message "using double abs1" and on passing character value, the message "using character abs1" should print.

Read the following code carefully and find out errors in it.

#include <iostream.h> class A


public A() {

cout "n A Constructor ...";




cout "n A Destructor ...";



class B


public; B()


cout "n B Constructor ...";




cout "n B Destructor ...";



A a


void main(void)


B b;


Given is the code for the class myClass. class myClass



int x ; int y; public:



x = 0;

y = 0;



You are required to write the code to perform the following task in the main() function. Prompt the user to enter the number of objects to be created.

Dynamically allocate memory to objects according to the size entered by user. De-allocate memory that was allocated to objects.

Write a program which prompts the user to enter a string and reverse the string using pointers and display the string in reverse order on the output screen. Program must input a complete line including spaces(3 marks )

Is it possible to define a function inside the class? If yes, then how does the compiler treat the newly defined function?

Is it possible to define a function inside the class? If yes, then how does the compiler treat the newly defined function?

Suppose an object of class A is declared as data member of class B.

(i)      The constructor of which class will be called first?

(ii)      The destructor of which class will be called first?

Write a statement for opening file trans.txt for input; using an ifstream object called inTransaction.

What will be the output of the given program code ? #include <iostream>

using namespace std; int main ()


int n; n=-77;

cout.width(6); cout right n endl; cout.width(6);

cout internal n endl; cout.width(6);

cout left n endl; return 0;


èIf the requested memory is not available in the system then what does calloc(), malloc() and new operator return?

CS201 Final Term Paper Spring 2021

 *Date:* 30-08-2021

*Time:* 12:30pm

*Total Questions:* 22

MCQs 16 (1 Mark)

Short Qs 3 (3 Marks)

Long Qs 3 (5 Marks)

*MCQs 90% From:* Past Papers

*Short & Long Questions 90% from these Topics:* Macros

Memory allocation

Dynamic memory allocation Memory leak

Dangling pointers

Inline function Vs Macros Function overloading

Classes and objects with syntax

Constructor and destructor ( complete concept) New operator

Class Abstraction

Friend Function and classes

Difference between Reference and pointers Operator overloading

Unary operator Assignment operator This operator Streams

Overloading insertion and extraction operator Static objects

Call by value and call by reference Copy constructor

Classes inside classes Template function and objects Class Tem


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