CS101 Final term Current Paper  

*CS-101 Final Exam Paper*



1-  Compiler and Editor come under which software;

2-  SLDC interaction of system with outside world is called what?

3-  To apply the stored program concept, cpu are designed to recognize instructions encoded as    ?

4-  Black box testing is also know as      &?

5-  The amount of paper american use in a year is about      ? 6- Hackers may attach                          if you search for free music.

7-  all network traffic of the lan must pass through          

8-  Carring out illegal online transections and damaging activities is due to               9- there are                         fundamental application for software verification

CS101 Short Questions

1-  Write the full form of the following abbreviations;


-  PI

2-  What is the major obstacle in developing programming system based on the declarative paradigm?

3-  Translation of mnemonic addresses into internet compatible IP address is done during the communication over the internet which layer performs this task?

4-  Given below are the Excel spreadsheet formulas. Correct these formulas if there is any error 1- MAX(C-36+E36+E7-E12)

5-  Write the select query for the following statement;

-  Select an employee whose ID is 123, from the employee table

*Long Question*

1-- Draw the conceptual layout of the following structure; Stract {char name[25];

int age; (5 Marks)

2-  How many commands editing group have in home ribbon? list three (5 Marks)

3-  Is there any drawback of using matching geometric characteristics technique for recognizing images in image processing? Justify your answer with two examples. (5 Marks)


Cs101 Today's Paper


CS101 Subjective

Q1: Different B/W high level language and low level language? Q2: what is register and it use?

Q3: how to define syntax of array?

Q4: What is parts of insert ribbon in MS word?

Q5: How many type of sorts in MS Excel?

Q6: Formula of sum to add row 3 and address of containing cell 6? Q7: Geometric characteristics?

Q8: write project of all teachers form teacher then student has greater than 100? 9:style is predifined in ms word can we customize own style in MS Word?

10:Match column A to B and write in column C Arithmetic operation on data.........

A use of stack.....

A use of Internet....

In c++......

CS101 Objective

1:MS word main insert ma paragraph kahan par ata hai 2:   of multiple rows and column(two dimensions)

3:      of two telation produce one relation (join) 4: row are also called (tuple)

5: wild card use sign for? 6: what is tree?

7: Bold MS word ma home ma kahan par hota hai Important topics jin ma sy options aya

Module 112 113 114 or in ma jo graph hai wo lazmi krna us ma sy mcqs aya hai Bais path testing

Glass box testing Boundary value analysis Beta testing

Alpha testing Case tool

Control structures loop

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