ACC501 Final term Current Past Paper


Ik question aya tha what is the difference between dealer and broker?(3 marks) Or ik men inventory turnover or inventory period calculate krna tha(3 marks)

Ik question men market value asset ki calculate krni the uski book value purchase price or worth di v the profit/loss b calculate krna tha or tax rate diya wa tha wo b deduct krna tha(5 marks)

Ik question men cost of equity calculate krna tha and WACC (5 marks)

Mcqs were mostly from middle lectures

Today's Acc501 paper

 28 objectives mostly from past papers 2 questions of 3 marks

-Find internal rate of return? (3 marks)

-  Disadvantages of payback rule? (3 marks) 2 questions of 5 marks

-  Calculate the missing value of Bank statements. (5 marks)

-  Define Inventory and types. ( 5 marks)

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