Should I learn Python or JavaScript in 2023 | Python Vs JavaScript Which one is best language |  Python Vs JavaScript Comparison


Should I learn Python or JavaScript in 2023?

Or should I learn both?

So, guys in today I'll tell you about which language to choose from Python and JavaScript.

Now I hope that we all have a clarity here that none of these languages is wrong to choose from!

Is Python is better than JavaScript? Or is JavaScript better than Python?

It's all about the use case if I ask you whether you would like to eat Matar Pulao or Paneer Butter Masala the question won't be that legit unless you know the context.

So today, I'll tell you about the context itself and you will be able to choose between

Python and JavaScript.

If you are a coding beginner, you must have observed that if you do logic building in Python or in JavaScript the logic building is equally difficult in both of them

Sometimes it gets easier to use a particular programming language for a given problem

 Should I learn Python or JavaScript in 2023 | Python Vs JavaScript Which one is best language |  Python Vs JavaScript Comparison

Why Python was invented?

So firstly I'll talk about Python

I'll brief you about Python first

It is a high-level programming language which is made for general-purpose scripting.

When Python was created, it wasn't made by keeping web development in mind nor was it made for the frontend.

Neither, it was thought that we will create desktop apps using Python.

It was created for general-purpose scripting.

It was made such that the readability is good.

When people read it, they understand the code, what exactly does a specific code snippet do! Because people were frustrated by long and complex C syntax after writing such complex code, programmers were getting frustrated.

Now coming to JavaScript,

 Should I learn Python or JavaScript in 2023 | Python Vs JavaScript Which one is best language |  Python Vs JavaScript Comparison

Why JavaScript was invented?

Let’s talk about why it was made in the first place.

It was made purely made for front-end web development to make the web pages dynamic and to give life to them but it's not that you can't do machine learning in JavaScript or not do certain things in JavaScript that can be done in Python.

In today's modern world every language is capable of doing almost everything

"Almost" - not all the things but here what I'm trying to explain is

JavaScript used to be used in frontend development before.

Later, it evolved as a backend language.

Now you can use JavaScript as a backend language.

By learning just one language, you can do both frontend and backend.

If you are using Python or Python-based web apps then

 Should I learn Python or JavaScript in 2023 | Python Vs JavaScript Which one is best language |  Python Vs JavaScript Comparison

JetBrains PyCharm Offer (Sponsor)

I would personally recommend you the JetBrains PyCharm IDE

I'm using this IDE for a very long time and it's an amazing IDE for 1. It's very fast, it upgrades your development experience and when you use Python in JetBrains PyCharm, you get a different feeling, you feel fresh.

Many of the students don't know that JetBrains PyCharm is free for them and the paid version of JetBrains PyCharm "JetBrains PyCharm Professional" can be downloaded for free.

If you are a student, it’s free for you. Also there is a free community version of JetBrains PyCharm which is very powerful and you can try it out.

I'll give you the link in the description, you can install it and try it out.


Advantages of learning Python

Now, I'll tell you the benefits of learning JavaScript and Python.

If you are learning Python, the first thing you can do is backend development, you can make GUI Apps, you can do game development.

Python is such an all-rounder using which you can do a wide variety of tasks.

Then comes AI, machine learning & data science.

I don't feel the need to introduce these things because you might already know about them that artificial Intelligence, machine learning, all these things can be easily implemented in Python.

It's not like Python has some kind of magic due to which all this could be easily done

The main reason is that libraries have evolved in such a good way; be it tensorflow, sckit learn or pytorch, or keras all the libraries have evolved brilliantly.


What to choose Between Python and JavaScript

If I talk about JavaScript, it doesn't have a library for data science like pandas!

It doesn't have such a mature or reliable library for ML

That is why Python is considered as a first choice for machine learning and Data Science

So, if you can do frontend and backend both on JavaScript

Python is not any less in the game with backend development, there are so many scopes which can be explored with Python.

Now if you say that I am a pure data science guy, I just want to build data science-related web apps, your backend should be in Python! if you are saying that you just want to create a backend and front end

I don't want to implement data science in any way complex machine learning is also not involved, you should go for JavaScript.

JavaScript will make it easier for you to conquer the web development world if you have used MongoDB, then you must have seen JavaScript-like syntax before.

And if you don't want to go for machine learning and data science, then JavaScript will be an ideal choice for you.

It's not that you can't use both of them.

Many people use JavaScript for the frontend and Python for backend.

You cannot ignore JavaScript.

In today's date, you will have to do scripting on the frontend.

Whether you use React, Angular, or Next.js, you will have to learn JavaScript anyhow.

So, if you have to use frontend and backend, then why not learn JavaScript?

This is also one of the points that many people talk about.

But if you all talk about the difficulty,

Should I learn Python or JavaScript in 2023 | Python Vs JavaScript Which one is best language |  Python Vs JavaScript Comparison

JavaScript or Python which is easier? I would say Python!

Because the readability of Python is much simpler than JavaScript, the syntax is very clear and concise!

Even if you are in 8th standard, you would easily understand Python.

But it will take time to learn JavaScript, like the asynchronous nature of JavaScript might trouble you.

Because it takes a little bit of time to grasp the application of asynchronous nature in JavaScript.

To understand which function is asynchronous?

What are callbacks?

Why aren't things running in the top to bottom sequence?

The execution of Python is done line by line

Line by line execution also happens in JavaScript.

But sometimes you would see the execution in such a way that, it would look like isn't being executed line by line, and you'll get confused that why did this thing got executed first?

You'll have to learn about promises, what are a sync functions?

What happens with the await keyword? What are callbacks?

And to understand all these things, time is utilized along with efforts.

On the other hand, all of this is very much easy in Python. in Python, there is an a sync model, which takes a bit of time to master.

Like Object Oriented Programming, where some things take time to learn.

But the best thing about Python is its best collection of modules.

You will get so many good things by using pip install "module-name".

Yiu can use the function easily and your work gets beautifully done.

But if you try to do this in JavaScript you'll find it a bit difficult.

But there are libraries present for JavaScript too

Node.js also has npm. And after installing Node.js you can install packages.

But I'll say that wherever the topic comes for ease of use,

Python wins against JavaScript, hands down.

I would like to say from 2023 what happened is that, people should use a particular programming language. Firstly I would like to tell you, in this modern world React is being used more.

The frameworks for frontend are being used more.

You cannot enter this market until you know JavaScript.

So, if you’re JavaScript is weak, and you just know JavaScript till variables and comments and other basic things, then it won't work out well for you!

You will have to understand that what a sync nature in JavaScript is, and how it works!

How does Node.js works?

All these concepts should be known to you.

JavaScript is not just a language of frontend!

Now it works in the backend too!

If we talk about 10 years back in time, maybe at that time these frameworks were not as popular as they are now.

So yeah, the demand for JavaScript is increasing.

After that, Document-Based Databases are very heavily dependent on JavaScript.

Their demand is rapidly increasing!

In this case, your understanding of JavaScript is very important.

So, you should use the backend in Python when you want to use it;

Like you want to learn machine learning, neural network training, or want to use an already-trained network, and artificial intelligence which is already implemented by someone and you want to integrate that within your web app, then your backend should be in Python.

But if you want to learn one language and hit two targets in one arrow!

Then you must learn JavaScript you can use it in the backend by using frameworks like Express.js in JavaScript!

Which is based on JavaScript.

And can make your complete application.

It depends upon the use case.

 Should I learn Python or JavaScript in 2023 | Python Vs JavaScript Which one is best language |  Python Vs JavaScript Comparison


Python and JavaScript both are powerful/

Demand for both is increasing.

It's not like one of them is getting obsolete.

It's just that it depends on your use case.


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